Dragons and Skulls Embroidery Designs Bundle – Dark Fantasy Optimized for Black Fabric, Powerful Epic Animal, Gothic Skeletons

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Discover our Dragons & Skulls Embroidery Bundle for black fabric. This bundle features epic animals and gothic skeletons, perfect for dark fantasy enthusiasts and creators. Digitized by hand machine embroidery – PES, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, VP3, or any other you need by request.

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Embark on a journey into the heart of darkness with our Dragons and Skulls Embroidery Designs Bundle. This collection is a tribute to the awe-inspiring power of dark fantasy art, meticulously optimized for black fabric. Featuring a blend of powerful epic animals and mystical gothic skeletons, each design in this bundle brings a piece of myth and legend to life.

Whether you’re looking to adorn your apparel with dragons’ fierce beauty or skulls’ haunting elegance, these embroidery designs are perfect for creating garments and accessories that tell a story of mystery, power, and enchantment.

You’ll get embroidery files in sizes:

Mystic Dragon:

  1. 3.20*2.48 inches – 13359 stitches
  2. 3.87*3.00 inches – 16831 stitches
  3. 4.96*3.85 inches – 22738 stitches
  4. 5.96*4.63 inches – 28692 stitches
  5. 6.96*5.41 inches – 35046 stitches
  6. 7.96*6.19 inches – 42083 stitches

Angry Dragon:

  1. 3.07*3.21 inches – 15842 stitches
  2. 3.71*3.87 inches – 19262 stitches
  3. 4.75*4.96 inches – 25397 stitches
  4. 5.71*5.96 inches – 31303 stitches
  5. 6.67*6.95 inches – 37194 stitches
  6. 7.63*7.95 inches – 43913 stitches

Man’s Skull:

  1. 3.22*1.80 inches – 4120 stitches
  2. 3.87*2.16 inches – 5096 stitches
  3. 4.96*2.76 inches – 6931 stitches
  4. 5.96*3.32 inches – 8796 stitches
  5. 6.96*3.87 inches – 11084 stitches
  6. 7.96*4.42 inches – 13335 stitches

Girl’s Skull:

  1. 3.20*2.55 inches – 5218 stitches
  2. 3.83*3.10 inches – 7187 stitches
  3. 4.92*2.99 inches – 10232 stitches
  4. 5.95*4.83 inches – 13256 stitches
  5. 6.95*5.64 inches – 16820 stitches
  6. 7.95*6.43 inches – 22298 stitches

The zip folder includes formats: PES (Brother), DST (Tajima/Barudan), EXP (Melco), HUS (Husqvarna), JEF (Janome), and VP3 (Husqvarna/PFAFF). If you need another one, write to us, and we’ll send it for free.

To use this file, you must have an embroidery machine and a method for transferring it to your machine.

This is a digital embroidery file, and it is NOT AN IRON-ON PATCH or finished product.


You can use this everywhere, your choice. You may use these files to make physical items for personal use or to sell, but you may not resell or distribute the designs in any digital form.

We don’t recommend resizing the design at all. Resizing more than 10% larger or smaller can produce poor embroidery quality.


After your purchase, you can instantly download the Dragons and Skulls Embroidery Designs Bundle ZIP file with all formats and sizes. Please let us know if you can’t download your files. We’ll send files to your email address.

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Dragons and Skulls Embroidery Designs Bundle - Dark Fantasy Optimized for Black Fabric, Powerful Epic Animal, Gothic Skeletons

11.99 $ 8.99 $

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