Realistic Panther Head Embroidery Designs Bundle – Filled and Sketch Stitch for Dark Fabrics, Mystic Wild Animal Power

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Delve into the wild with our Panther Head Embroidery Bundle, featuring realistic designs for dark fabrics, capturing the mystique of jungle felines. Digitized by hand machine and tested embroidery files – PES, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, VP3, or any other you need by request.


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Embark on a journey into the heart of the jungle with our Realistic Panther Head Embroidery Designs Bundle. This collection features filled and sketch stitch techniques, exquisitely crafted for dark fabrics. It captures the enigmatic power and mystic allure of the wild panther, one of the jungle’s most majestic felines. Each design in the bundle showcases the panther’s head with intricate detail, conveying its strength and elusive nature.

Ideal for wildlife enthusiasts and lovers of mystical creatures, these designs are perfect for adding a touch of wild elegance to clothing, home decor, or accessories. Whether creating a statement piece or embellishing it with subtle accents, these panther head designs bring a sense of mystery and power to your embroidery projects.

You’ll get embroidery files in sizes:

Filled Black Orange Panther:

  1. 3.23*2.98 inches – 11152 stitches
  2. 3.89*3.58inches – 13817 stitches
  3. 4.97*4.58 inches – 18362 stitches
  4. 5.94*5.50 inches – 22834 stitches
  5. 6.96*6.41 inches – 28462 stitches
  6. 7.97*7.33 inches – 33747 stitches

Sketch Black Orange Panther:

  1. 3.22*2.98 inches – 6245 stitches
  2. 3.89*3.58inches – 7693 stitches
  3. 4.97*4.58 inches – 10137 stitches
  4. 5.95*5.52 inches – 12746 stitches
  5. 6.97*6.42 inches – 15431 stitches
  6. 7.98*7.35 inches – 18341 stitches

Filled Black Gray Panther:

  1. 3.20*2.96 inches – 11186 stitches
  2. 3.85*3.57 inches – 13877 stitches
  3. 4.95*4.58 inches – 19079 stitches
  4. 5.95*5.50 inches – 24056 stitches
  5. 6.95*6.43 inches – 29406 stitches
  6. 7.95*7.35 inches – 35218 stitches

Sketch Black Gray Panther:

  1. 3.20*2.97 inches – 6064 stitches
  2. 3.86*3.58 inches – 7385 stitches
  3. 4.95*4.59 inches – 9957 stitches
  4. 5.94*5.52 inches – 12093 stitches
  5. 6.94*6.45 inches – 14759 stitches
  6. 7.94*7.37 inches – 17480 stitches

The zip folder includes formats: PES (Brother), DST (Tajima/Barudan), EXP (Melco), HUS (Husqvarna), JEF (Janome), VP3 (Husqvarna/PFAFF), and XXX (Singer). If you need another one, write to us, and we’ll send it to you for free.

To use this file, you must have an embroidery machine and a method to transfer it to your device.

This is a digital embroidery file, and it is NOT AN IRON-ON PATCH or finished product.


You can use this everywhere, your choice. You may use these files to make physical items for personal use or to sell, but you may not resell or distribute the designs in any digital form.

We don’t recommend resizing the design at all. Resizing more than 10% larger or smaller can produce poor embroidery quality.


After your purchase, you can instantly download the Realistic Panther Head Embroidery Designs Bundle ZIP file with all formats and sizes. Please let us know if you can’t download your files. We’ll send files to your email address.

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Realistic Panther Head Embroidery Designs Bundle - Filled and Sketch Stitch for Dark Fabrics, Mystic Wild Animal Power

9.99 $ 7.49 $

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