Savage Wilds Embroidery Designs SET – Realistic Tiger, Mystic Jaguar, Wolf, Gorilla, Brutal Bull, Fierce Bear Head, Optimized for Dark Fabric

18.99 $ 15.19 $

Discover the untamed beauty with our Savage Wilds Embroidery SET, featuring realistic and mystic wild animals, perfect for dark fabric projects Digitized by hand machine and tested embroidery files – PES, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, VP3, or any other you need by request.

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    Brutal Animal Faces embroidery designs Bundle Fierce Tiger Wolf Jaguar Head Bull and Bear

    Savage Wilds Embroidery Designs SET - Realistic Tiger, Mystic Jaguar, Wolf, Gorilla, Brutal Bull, Fierce Bear Head, Optimized for Dark Fabric

    18.99 $ 15.19 $

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    Embark on an adventure into the heart of nature with our Savage Wilds Embroidery Designs SET. This collection is a tribute to the raw power and beauty of the wild, featuring realistic renditions of a tiger, mystic jaguar, wolf, gorilla, brutal bull, and fierce bear head, all optimized for dark fabric.

    Each design in this set captures the unique essence of these formidable creatures, rendered with attention to detail and artistic precision. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and embroidery aficionados, these patterns are perfect for enhancing clothing, crafting bespoke home décor, or creating unique accessories that reflect the untamed spirit of the wilderness.

    You’ll get embroidery files in sizes:

    Mystic Wolf:

    1. 3.21*2.80 inches – 13764 stitches
    2. 3.86*3.39 inches – 17064 stitches
    3. 4.96*4.35 inches – 22800 stitches
    4. 5.96*5.22 inches – 28637 stitches
    5. 6.95*6.10 inches – 34651 stitches

    Realistic Tiger:

    1. 3.07*3.20 inches – 13698 stitches
    2. 3.70*3.86 inches – 16913 stitches
    3. 4.75*4.94 inches – 23027 stitches
    4. 5.71*5.94 inches – 29004 stitches
    5. 6.67*6.94 inches – 35870 stitches
    6. 7.62*7.93 inches – 42952 stitches

    Red-eyed Bull Head:

    1. 3.21*2.80 inches – 14133 stitches
    2. 3.87*3.38 inches – 17485 stitches
    3. 4.96*4.35 inches – 23078 stitches
    4. 5.96*5.22 inches – 28611 stitches
    5. 6.96*6.10 inches – 34293 stitches
    6. 7.96*6.97 inches – 47054 stitches

    Brutal Gorilla Face:

    1. 3.20*2.98 inches – 14899 stitches
    2. 3.87*3.61 inches – 18476 stitches
    3. 4.95*4.62 inches – 25240 stitches
    4. 5.95*5.56 inches – 31937 stitches
    5. 6.95*6.50 inches – 39417 stitches
    6. 7.89*7.39 inches – 47054 stitches

    Shadowed Jaguar:

    1. 3.21*2.94 inches – 13515 stitches
    2. 3.85*3.53 inches – 16304 stitches
    3. 4.95*4.53 inches – 21410 stitches
    4. 5.95*5.44 inches – 26386 stitches
    5. 6.95*6.36 inches – 31394 stitches
    6. 7.95*7.26 inches – 36865 stitches

    Fierce Bear Head:

    1. 3.21*3.06 inches – 14293 stitches
    2. 3.88*3.70 inches – 18026 stitches
    3. 4.95*4.75 inches – 25667 stitches
    4. 5.96*5.71 inches – 32674 stitches
    5. 6.96*6.67 inches – 40423 stitches
    6. 7.94*7.63 inches – 48887 stitches

    The zip folder includes formats: PES (Brother), DST (Tajima/Barudan), EXP (Melco), HUS (Husqvarna), JEF (Janome), VP3 (Husqvarna/PFAFF), and XXX (Singer). If you need another one, write to us, and we’ll send it to you for free.

    To use this file, you must have an embroidery machine and a method to transfer it to your device.

    This is a digital embroidery file, and it is NOT AN IRON-ON PATCH or finished product.


    You can use this everywhere, your choice. You may use these files to make physical items for personal use or to sell, but you may not resell or distribute the designs in any digital form.

    We don’t recommend resizing the design at all. Resizing more than 10% larger or smaller can produce poor embroidery quality.


    After your purchase, you can instantly download the Savage Wilds Embroidery Designs SET ZIP file with all formats and sizes. Please let us know if you can’t download your files. We’ll send files to your email address.

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